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The 10 Best Glues for Rubber

Rubber is found everywhere around your home. From the soles of your most expensive shoes to the handles of your cookware, to household fixtures and fittings, to belts, hoses, and more – rubber is such an … Read More

Best angle grinder

The 14 Best Angle Grinders

An angle grinder is one of the most important tools you can have in your DIY repertoire. They have so many uses, including grinding, cutting, and polishing materials, and can be powered either electrically (with a … Read More

Best paint edger

The 9 Best Paint Edgers

Painting can be one of the most stressful and messiest of DIY jobs you can do at home. You need to cover floors and tape all the edges. Don’t forget where all the switches, vents, and … Read More

Best 120v electric garage heater

The 12 Best 120v Electric Garage Heaters

Your garage is one of the most useful rooms of your house. Whether it’s repairing tools, storing items, an exercise space or gardening plants in containers, garages are useful places to keep in good condition. You … Read More

best benchtop drill press

The 5 Best Benchtop Drill Presses

Falling somewhere between the hand-held drill of the have-a-go handyman and the floor-mounted drill press of the professional woodworker, a bench-top drill press offers the increased accuracy, power, and versatility that will help you tackle the … Read More

best cordless finish nailer makita

The 10 Best Cordless Finish Nailers

Finding the best cordless finish nailer for the job ahead can dramatically improve the results that you’re looking to achieve. Anyone who’s experienced with hand tools will tell you that you can’t use any old nail … Read More

Best backpack sprayers

The 10 Best Backpack Sprayers

Getting the best backpack sprayer for the job ahead can be the difference between an efficient, quick project and an all-day stress fest. There are dozens upon dozens of choices to look through, but many of … Read More

best electric hedge trimmer

The 10 Best Electric Hedge Trimmers

Looking for the best electric hedge trimmer on the market can lead you to a wide array of suggestions. Some of them could be perfect, yet wildly expensive. Others simply aren’t worth your time and money. … Read More

best knee pads for flooring

The 9 Best Knee Pads for Flooring

When you’re searching for the best knee pads for flooring, you’re going to have quite a big selection to look through. How do you know which ones are worth the investment, and which ones are pointless … Read More