Best Electric Brad Nailers


Finding the best electric brad nailer can be the difference between a job well done and a horrific mix of broken nails and chipped wood. When you’re trying to complete a project with precision, quickness, and consistency, sifting through the electric nail gun reviews on the list below is the only way to get exactly what you’re looking for.

There might be hundreds of choices to select from, but only a few of them are worth your time and money.

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Instead of leaving you to do all of the research yourself, you can search through this completed guide for not only reviews but FAQ’s and tips as well.

By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll have all of the knowledge you need to use the best electric brad nailer for your situation.

Choosing the Best Electric Brad Nailer on the Market

1. PORTER-CABLE 20V Electric Brad Nailer


Sometimes you don’t want to have to use every penny in the bank to find the right tool. If you want to save money on a budget-friendly battery-powered brad nailer, then check this one out. The PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Lithium 18GA Brad Nailer packs some serious power and precision into a bulky design.

For easier guidance, this nail gun comes with an LED light. You can turn it on and off with the trigger, saving battery life and giving you the option to illuminate your nail’s path whenever you need it. The handle is ergonomic to help you get a good grip on the situation to send the nails right where they should be.

There’s also depth adjustment wheel, and auto-unclogging mechanism, a window to view the set depth, a release lever, and more. You can also purchase an extra battery with the order to keep one always charged so you don’t have to wait for a recharge. Either way, a single battery lasts for quite a long time.

Key Features

  • Cordless for those who want more portability
  • Comes with an LED light to guide the nail
  • Includes a depth adjustment wheel and window

2. NEU Master – Best for the Money

NEU Master

There are benefits to every type of nail gun. Those who want to invest in a corded brad nailer should consider this cheap one of a kind option. The NEU Master Electric Brad Nailer might be a fraction of the cost of the high-end market, but it has more than enough functions to keep its place on the list.

One of the best features about this brad nailer is that it can use brad nails as well as staples. Why buy an additional staple gun when you have two tools in one with this product? Simply choose which of the two you want to use, adjust the depth, line up your tool, and get to work as soon as you’d like.

The use of a cord on this nail gun is convenient because you never have to replace batteries, air cartridges, or any other finite source. As long as you have power to a 12V plug, you’ll be good to go. It’s always nice to not have to worry about the battery slowly dying or pressure running out in the middle of working.

Key Features

  • Super low cost with multiple high-end functions
  • Can be used as either a brad nail gun or a staple gun
  • Uses a cord for an endless power source

3. Orion Motor Tech

Orion Motor Tech

On the other hand, you might be looking for a top-notch battery-operated brad nailer. There are plenty to choose from, but the Orion Motor Tech Electric Brad Nailer truly sticks out as one of the best. It has a handful of unique features that make it break away from the rest, including the fact that it doubles as a staple gun.

Another great feature on this nail gun is that you can set it to fire when you squeeze the trigger, or when it comes in contact with a surface. Most people would probably stick with the trigger option, but if you’re a professional then the contact choice will make the job get done much faster than normal.

You can easily adjust the nail depth in seconds to ensure you’re getting the best accuracy. To further improve your aim and guide your path, there’s a built-in LED light right next to the nail projection area. Capped off with a special ending lid, you won’t ever have to worry about the magazine spilling out.

Key Features

  • Includes an LED light to illuminate your work area
  • Works as a brad nailer and a staple gun
  • Quickly adjust the nail depth to get the best precision

4. Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18 Volt One+ Lithium-Ion Cordless Brad Nailer

Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18 Volt

The Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18 Volt One is a top-notch electric brad nailer for people who want the power of an air-compressed model with the convenience and efficiency of a cordless battery-powered nailer. Although it doesn’t use any pneumatic components, it packs a similar punch to guarantee a job well done.

The battery life on this product is one of the main reasons why it’s on the list. Ryobi has always done an excellent job of producing long-lasting products, and this electric brad nailer is no different. It can push up to 700 nails per charge on the lightweight 4-amp battery. Since it’s such a low-energy too, it can be charged up much quicker than the competition as well.

Thanks to the adjustable dial on the rear side of the nailer, you can quickly adjust the depth of the nails you’re using. This takes away the stress of manual adjustments upfront while giving you quick changes on the fly. It even comes equipped with an LED light to guide your hand and tool to give the best accuracy around.

Key Features

  • Comes with a cordless battery and strong power
  • Equipped with an LED guide light
  • Uses an adjustable dial to change the depth of the nails

5. Stanley TRE550Z Brad Nail Gun

Stanley TRE550Z

The Stanley TRE550Z Brad Nail Gun is another option that’s well worth the investment for people who find themselves enjoying corded models. One of the most notable features that you’ll see right off the bat is the simplicity of this tool. If you’re not familiar with various other nailers and their gadgets, then this one will be a good starting point.

The simple design of this electric brad nailer pairs well with the comfortable ergonomic grip. You’ll be able to hold and guide your movements with ease, never missing a placement. It even has a front surface that sits flush with the object that you’re nailing into to make it easier for you to use.

Another factor that might come into play for you is the 8-foot cord that lets you walk around quite a bit without being limited to one area. You can also adjust the power level depending on the density of the material that you’re nailing into. Wood requires much more pressure than particleboard, making the dial very dependable.

Key Features

  • Ergonomic grip and comfortable feeling
  • 8-foot cord that gives you plenty of moving room
  • Adjustable power level for different surfaces

Which Electric Brad Nailer is Right for You?

When you’re done looking through all of the choices above, you’ll be one step closer to getting your work started. However, there are a few questions or concerns that you might have. If you need help picking out your new product, or you simply want to make sure that you’re getting the best brad nailers available, check out the helpful guide below.

Can I use a brad nailer for trim?

Brad nailers are specifically designed to tackle those small, fragile areas like trim and narrow corners. They can help you put in a solid nail where most thick nails would completely ruin the trim. Another huge benefit to using a brad nailer on trim is the fact that they don’t show as much as regular nails, giving a better finish. Many people prefer to use brad nails on other surfaces as well due to their aforementioned low-key nature.

PORTER CABLE electric cordless brad nailer

What is the difference between a brad nailer and a pin nailer?

When you first start using nail guns, you might be surprised by the wide variety of nails. Brad nailers and pin nailers are very similar, but there are a couple of distinguishable differences. For example, brad nails are usually much tougher than pin pain. They don’t break nearly as easily, but this durability comes with a trade-off.

The trade-off is that the thickness and density of brad nails makes them a little bit more visible than pin nails. They also have bigger heads, which means they can be removed easier. Depending on what type of job you have ahead, you can choose whichever type of nailer works best for the situation.

What size nails do I use for trim?

The size of the nails you use for the trim you’re working with depends on the depth of the trim. That being said, most brad nails shouldn’t be longer than 1 inch at most. This will give your trim a solid hold against the nail without breaking through to the other side. Generally speaking, trim is about ¾”. Having that extra 1/4” from the brad nail will hold exactly as you need it to. However, don’t just assume that it’s always the correct length. Measure that depth of the trim and the surface that it’s holding onto before you buy your nails.

Also, keep in mind that there are plenty of electric brad nailers on the list above that have quite a large range. You can get 1.5” thick trim and use 2” brad nails, so don’t limit yourself if you have different desired results! Another side note; Don’t place brad nails too close to each other, as it can cause splintering. While it might not show immediately, the damage down the road could be irreversible. Try to stay about 2 inches or so apart from the next brad nail depending on the angle and whether or not it’s on a corner.

RYOBI cordless electric brad nailer

Corded vs battery-powered

The two main types of electric brad nailers are corded and battery-powered. They both have their place, and it’s kind of a personal opinion to choose one over the other. However, some of the differences are significant and they could change how you work completely. For example, corded brad nailers will never run out of power as long as you have electricity running to the outlet. On the other hand, battery-powered brad nailers are reliant on the battery being charged.

The benefits of battery-powered brad nailers include the fact that they’re portable, you can have multiple batteries, you don’t have to worry about moving or tripping over the cord, and they can be adjusted much easier. The cons are that the battery performance can slow down as the charge wears off, and the fact that you might have to wait during charging periods if you only have one battery.

Corded electric brad nails have the undeniable benefit of always having power as long as they’re plugged in. This benefit alone is enough to make most people want one, especially since you don’t have to deal with the slow trickling of power as you would when a battery-operated nail gun runs out. Corded brad nail guns can be a little bit annoying if you don’t like having wires running everywhere. They might cause tripping, and you wouldn’t want to accidentally staple or nail it to the surface.

All in all, the choice is up to you. Both corded and battery-powered electric brad nailers have massive benefits. One of them isn’t better than the other as a whole, but rather to the individual. If you’re always on the move, working in different shops, then a battery is the way to go. On the other hand, if you only work out of your garage or a stationary place, then cords are always a great decision.